Our Two Worldviews

I’m fascinated by the should and is aspect of worldview thinking. How should your worldview effect your life, and how does it actually effect it?

What I’m getting at here is the difference between your worldview ideally considered, and your functional worldview. For instance, my worldview is Christian theism, which speaks of ontology, epistemology, and, of course, ethics. It also asks of me that I look to Christ to justify my existence. Now, that’s my worldview ideally considered. But, in truth, I’m a Christian who also happens to be a 21st century American, living (philosophically speaking) on this side of the Enlightenment, and daily bombarded with pop-culture. As much as I wish I could say that none of this effects me and that I “only believe the Bible,” the truth is that I don’t. My thoughts, words, and desires show that there are other things fighting for my allegiance. By recognizing the difference between the two, we can reflect on how we fall short of embodying the faith we profess.


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