1. Hello There,
    I am a fellow Christ-Follower from Boulder County Colorado. I am starting to develop some small group and sunday school adult curriculum and liked the name ‘KindgomView’ for a general branding thing… and I’ve read you blog and your stuff would be good ad a guest blogger for what I’ve got in mind. I’d like to create a website that offers all kinds of resources… You are the only person I have found using this term that I also thought of… was wondering if you were OK with someone else using it for a similar purpose, etc. and/or interested in being a guest blogger…I hope to connect soon. In Christ, Ken Allen

  2. Hello! I was looking for pictures of feet being washed and came across the one on your blog. I would love to use it in my design work, particularly in a site that I’m doing for my church’s website, and wanted to know if you could grant permission for me to use it. If so, please let me know if it is copyrighted, royalty free, etc. If not, that’s cool, but please let me know either way.

    And by the way, I love your post on realignment – that’s pretty doggone insightful (especially since I’ve been to the chiropractor a couple of times myself!). 🙂

  3. Hello Prof. Torres! This is Jonathan Perez your former Bible Doctrine student. Just saying “hello” and praying for blessings upon you and your wife!
    Take care and hold on to the drawings!

  4. I’m surprised by your comments on my view of rewards. I assume you read the next paragraph, in which I advocate the concept of rewards – intrinsic rewards. I oppose those who – like the ruler of Matthew 19 – want to do something to put God in his debt, as if our own effort could earn God’s favor and reward. But God certainly rewards his people – above all with his presence. I say this explicitly several times in my commentary on Matthew – see 2:400-401, for example

  5. Matt Schmidt

    Thank you again for showing me that there is more grace than wrath within the OT. I love your approach to the Word. My view of the OT has been forever changed. I am looking forward to our future studies.

  6. I’d like to see you review Mitch Stokes’s Shot of Faith to the Head (aka “Plantinga for Dummies”).

  7. Dear Joseph,

    My name is Freddy Davis and am president of MarketFaith Ministries ( Our ministry is focused on developing resources and providing training for Christians on the topic of worldview. As you have a blog that relates to this topic, I wanted to touch base with you and ask you a favor.

    I have just released a new book which compares the Christian Theistic worldview with a Naturalistic worldview, and have done it by using American liberalism and conservatism to show how these worldview beliefs compare with each other and are expressed in the culture. The title of my book is Liberalism vs. Conservatism: A Basic Guide to Understanding America’s 21st Century Civil War.

    The reason I am contacting you is that I am trying to set up a virtual blog tour with the book. The way this works is I would begin by sending you a free e-book version of the book and allow you to read it. You would then send me three questions that I could answer as a guest blogger on your blog site. If you would be willing to consider something like this I would love to hear from you and see how we might make it work.

    Thanks for taking the time to consider this possibility. I look forward to hearing back from you.


  8. I’m writing to invite you to join the new Bible Gateway Blogger Grid (BG²). If you’d like details, email me. Thanks.

  9. Hello,
    My name is Steve Kindorf,
    I thought you would like to use these free Bible study resources on your web site or for yourself, or give them out to others for edification.

    It is a prayerbook called ‘A Method for Prayer’ -the 1710 edition, by the puritan writer Matthew Henry, who also wrote a commentary on the whole Bible. With added Bible study and reference aids for daily devotions.

    ‘A Method for Prayer’ is a classic bible-based prayerbook, I newly transcribed it from the 1710 editions with modernized spelling; and it has all the cross references from Matthew Henry’s original prayerbook.

    –Featured in this new expanded edition is a collection of 700 short devotional prayers to the Godhead of Jesus Christ called ‘My Affection’ (that is, proclamations and praises of his many names, titles and attributes; being with you in worship and adoration before his throne as you think on them throughout the day and meditate in the night watches; God has said in Philippians 4:8 & Psalm 63:6.)
    –A poetic setting of Psalm 119.
    –A Glossary containing 2400 words of the King James Bible.
    –And a daily Bible reading plan.

    A free instant PDF download of the June 2014 revised edition of ‘A Method for Prayer’ by Matthew Henry is now available (this PDF is from the printed book, and has a fully active table of contents)-

    A free audiobook of ‘A Method for Prayer’
    Chapter 1- Adoration
    Chapter 2- Confession of sin
    Chapter 3- Petitions and requests
    Chapter 4- Thanksgiving
    Chapter 5- Intercession
    Chapter 6- Addresses to God upon particular occasions
    Chapter 7- Conclusion of our prayers
    Chapter 8- A paraphrase on the Lord’s prayer

    It will always be free to download at-
    Smashwords (this site has an ePub file and also a mobi file for kindle)-
    Scribd- (this PDF file is the June 2014 revised edition of the printed book, and has a fully active table of contents)-


  10. Joseph my workmate! I’m so blessed to be next door to you at work. I’m a big (closet) fan of yours!

  11. Joseph Torres, WOW, such a small, small world we live in. It seems like it has been ages and such vast different times; it was over 16 years ago we knew each other in that most fascinating of work places, Christian Publication. I was that young guy fresh off the streets who was just converted at TSC (Wilkerson’s church). Long story short tons has changed, I’m married, 3 kids, lived all over the globe etc etc etc. 5 yrs ago I became reformed-ish and now I am pretty reformed as an OPC member and studying at Westminster Theological Seminary. Any way, bro, I was working on some Van Til type stuff and was browsing the web and, some how, I came across a write up of yours. I clicked on your name to see who you were and if you were solid 😉 and to my surprise, I totally remembered you by your photo. Again, small world, I hope is well, seems your theology has significantly changed since I last new you. Blessings, I would love to catch up some time. Peace and grace. Patrick K

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