Richard L. Pratt Lectures on “Designed for Dignity”

Dr. Richard L. Pratt was a leading influence upon my thought during seminary, especially his teaching on the image of God, and the Kingdom of God. So, I can truthfully say that this blog probably wouldn’t exist apart from his influence. All that to say, you’ll probably want to listen to these:

God’s design for human dignity:

Lecture 1 (Q & A)
Lecture 2 (Q & A)
Lecture 3 (Q & A)
Lecture 4 (Q & A)
Lecture 5 (Q & A)

For Dr. Pratt’s book on the same subject, see:

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  1. I am going to listen to the lectures. I had mixed feelings about Pratt’s book…I thought the material was excellent, but I thought it could have been written better. Unfortunately, it was a flop when I tried to take our small group at church through it–they didn’t appreciate it at all (that, of course, has less to do with Pratt and more to do with where they were at and perhaps a lack of leadership on my part). Anyway, thanks for the links.

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