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Two New Articles

It’s been a slow blog posting season for me. It’s been difficult to keep up with the coursework for my doctoral program, along with my varied other responsibilities. Thankfully, I have continued to write. Over at Truthxchange I have written two pieces on cultural apologetics, The Dawkin’s Diet, and Naming the Void.

The New Trans Challenge

My latest article, ‘The New Trans Challenge, has been posted on the website for truthxchange. Here is a summary of the content:

According to transhumanism, what is the chief problem with humanity? Their answer is ‘human finitude.’ Unlike the Bible, which anchors the fall of man in our moral rebellion against our glorious Creator, transhumanism sees human limitedness and physical frailty as the main problems to be overcome. Our determination of human normalcy (what is expected of the human experience in terms of physiological performance, cognitive abilities, and life-span) has not kept up with the modern technological and scientific advances. We need technologically, biologically, and ethically, to get with the program. To state the contrast again, whereas the Bible sees the problem as a broken relationship with God (a moral issue), transhumanism locates the problem with our limitedness or being (an ontological issue).

Unlike transhumanism, and in line with the radical approach of Paul himself, Christians see our physical breakdown as a sign, a signal of humanity’s estrangement from our Creator. Falleness, not finitude, is what needs transcending, and that will only come about by Spirit’s final comic revealing of the sons of God­­- those who belong to God by adoption through the reconciling work of Jesus Christ.

Theological Memeology 101

tumblr_mk6otqeyju1rufb01o1_400I’m planning on writing a short series of posts on the new phenomenon known as the theology meme. The meme is, as defined by Google, “a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc. that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.” Memes are often crafted to communicate a single point in a punchy way, so naturally they most appeal to young people.

Sure, there are fair criticisms on the use of memes in online dialogue, I get that. But the simple truth is that they’re going to be around for a while. So let’s use them to sharpen our thinking.

What is a Christian meme? The picture to your right is a simple example. Where are they going with this? Well, the point of view of the meme’s creator should be obvious.  He/she is used to attacks against Christianity coming from your standard college hippie-liberal. And the single point being made? The criticisms of bible-abuse they level against conservative Christians are in fact mirrored in their own arguments. They do exactly what they hate in others.

So in the coming days I’ll trying to post some memes and briefly respond to them. Next up we’ll thinking through the meme blow.

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