The New Trans Challenge

My latest article, ‘The New Trans Challenge, has been posted on the website for truthxchange. Here is a summary of the content:

According to transhumanism, what is the chief problem with humanity? Their answer is ‘human finitude.’ Unlike the Bible, which anchors the fall of man in our moral rebellion against our glorious Creator, transhumanism sees human limitedness and physical frailty as the main problems to be overcome. Our determination of human normalcy (what is expected of the human experience in terms of physiological performance, cognitive abilities, and life-span) has not kept up with the modern technological and scientific advances. We need technologically, biologically, and ethically, to get with the program. To state the contrast again, whereas the Bible sees the problem as a broken relationship with God (a moral issue), transhumanism locates the problem with our limitedness or being (an ontological issue).

Unlike transhumanism, and in line with the radical approach of Paul himself, Christians see our physical breakdown as a sign, a signal of humanity’s estrangement from our Creator. Falleness, not finitude, is what needs transcending, and that will only come about by Spirit’s final comic revealing of the sons of God­­- those who belong to God by adoption through the reconciling work of Jesus Christ.

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  1. Well said! Great connection to our theological grounding. This is such a tough issue, but one that is calling for our attention more and more every day.

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