Introducing the New Apologetics Q&A Page

Since the initial launch of KINGDOMVIEW back in 2007, I’ve written and shared lots of material. For some it can be overwhelming locating discussions on any given topic. This is especially true for my apologetic writings. One of the problems readers may have is that much of the work provided here can appear random and possibly (though I hope not) without order, obscuring the big picture.


I thought now would be a great time to reorganize the work already posted on this blog in a logical order than helps the reader develop their approach to apologetics (my primary area of specialization) in a biblically faithful and philosophically sound way. The goal is this: if you read these in order you should be able to understand the flow of the arguments in favor of the Christian worldview, as well as understand the more philosophical entries.

Making Sense of out Apologetics





The Bible

For the purposes of making this an ongoing resource, I’ve created a new page on the blog called Apologetic Q&A. Lord willing this be a regularly updated page. If you find these resources helpful, please do get the word out. Below are the links associated with the first edition of the page:

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