Thoughts on Systematic Theology by John Frame

Recently a friend from P&R publishing asked me what I thought of John M. Frame’s new Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief. Here are my thoughts:

“Frame’s ST is a cleansing breath of fresh theological air! I’ve shared this with John before, but I’m always impressed at how much better he gets at streamlining and sharpening his theological ideas to a fine point each time he repeats them. This struck me when DCL was first released. In the opening chapters of the book there’s a decent amount of review of concepts from DKG (written in the mid 1980s) but they were clearer and as a result more cogent and powerfully presented. Well, in ST Frame has done it again! I’m also glad that there are so many more visuals in ST. As both a former student and TA of John’s I can testify to the great help that comes from charts and visual summaries. As John himself would have us recognize, each ST comes from its own perspective. Sometimes these perspectives can hide truths that ought to be seen, but many times they enable the theologian to shed light on the truth they’re writing about. John’s theological acumen, philosophical subtly, and apologetic concerns allow his ST to see things that others miss.”

If you can only pick up  a single systematic theology and are looking for clarity, cogency, and profundity this is the book for you!


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  1. Thanks Joe,
    I concur with your statement on Dr. Frame’s increasing clarity, though I’m not that far into the book. But the same can be said if his forthcoming (hopefully sooner than later) Perspectives on Christian Philosophy.

    I am starting a weekly reading/study group in December with a handful of guys from my church- I’m really looking forward to digging into Frame’s ST with them. Are you going to continue posting thoughts on the book as you go through it? Any helpful ideas for maximizing the possible benefits of a group like mine? I just planned on doing the end-of-chapter questions and discussing whatever issues are salient for our particular group.

  2. I ordered it a couple days ago. I’m looking forward to getting more familiar with triperspectivalism and learning more deeply about God and growing closer. Seems like it will be a feast!

  3. Wow thanks for this review!

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