The Message of Christian Mission: Christological Monotheism

John Dickson helpfully summarizes both the message of the gospel and the message of Christian mission:

At the heart of the gospel message (in the Old and New Testaments) is the idea of God’s rule as king, in other words, his kingdom. When the first Christians proclaimed this gospel of the kingdom, they were not copying the “gospel” of the Roman kingdom; they were exposing it as a fraud. It was God, not any human king, who ruled over all. This is the central theme of the Christian gospel…

What is the single most important idea driving our mission to the world?…The answer has to do with monotheism (one God) or, more correctly, Christological monotheism- the lordship of the one true God through his Messiah…To put it in simple and practical terms, the goal of gospel preaching-and of gospel promoting- is to help our neighbors realize and submit to God’s kingship or lordship over their lives.

[However] the Christian gospel  does not just announce the concept “God reigns”; it outlines exactly  how that reign has been revealed to the world…the core content of the gospel is the work of God’s anointed king, Jesus.  Through his birth, miracles, teaching, death and resurrection God’s kingdom has been manifest (and will be consummated upon his return). Telling the “gospel”, then, involves recounting the deeds of Messiah Jesus.

-John Dickson, The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission: Promoting the Gospel with More Than Our Lips, 114-115. 

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  1. Great quote, this is a big part of the story of I Samuel 8, when the people reject God’s kingship and choose to be “like the other nations.” But every other kingship really offers an imposter version of THE Kingship.

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