From Eden to the Ends of the Earth

2940015733624_p0_v1_s260x420I just became aware that my friend Duane Griffin has released a book, and with a fantastic title no less, From Eden to the Ends of the Earth: God’s Master Plan for the Ages.

Here’s the official description:

God has one primary purpose in this world, to build a worldwide kingdom. The people of God have an amazing future. They were made to be partners with the Lord in a marvelous kingdom building program. Here Duane Griffin traces the development of God’s kingdom from the Garden of Eden to the new heaven and new earth. He begins with a bird’s eye view of God’s grand scheme, and from there examines the strategy God employs to take over the world making it the absolute realm of his kingdom.

And a pretty swank endorsement:

Wow! I’ve been walking with Christ for a whole lot of years and rejoice in the glimpses I get of God’s kingdom, the plan he has for his people and the love he has shown. But there is a major difference between seeing bits and pieces of a beautiful painting and stepping back and seeing the entire masterpiece in all of its power, majesty and beauty. That’s the gift Duane Griffin has given to the church… an incredible view of the masterpiece in all of its power and glory. Read this book! Your heart and mind will sing The Hallelujah Chorus to our great King. -Dr. Steve Brown, Key Life Network

One thing I can say is that Duane knows his Bible, and he knows how it all hangs together. For those discipling others in understanding Scripture I can’t think of a better book to give away. And at $5.99 for the ebook, it’s a steal.

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