God’s Personal Words

This pretty much sums up the thesis of Frame’s Doctrine of the Word of God:

God’s speech to man is real speech. It is very much like one person speaking to another. God speaks so that we can understand him and respond appropriately. Appropriate responses are of many kinds: belief, obedience, affection, repentance, laughter, pain, sadness and so on. God’s speech is often propositional: God’s conveying information to us. But it is far more than that. It includes all the features, functions, beauty, and richness of language that we see in human communication, and more. …My thesis is that God’s word, in all its qualities and aspects, is a personal communication from him to us.

-John M. Frame, Doctrine of the Word of God


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  1. My heart resonates with these words. But having just come off from reading Derrida and Marion, I am wondering how to respond to their arguments. This post relates to your post previously on whether or not we can know what God is really like (https://apolojet.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/do-we-know-what-god-is-really-like/). How would you respond to say someone like Marion?

    Thanks for your blog posts,

    Hannah Venable

    • Hi Hannah! It’s great to hear from you.

      I’m much more at home discussing Derrida than Marion, though I am rusty. I have plenty of works by/on the former, but nearly none on the later (maybe a few chapters here and there). In my chapter in Frame’s festschrift I attempt to build some bridges between deconstruction and perspectivalism (ala Frame, not Nietzsche) and employ it for apologetic purposes.

      My usual concern is that many postmoderns (adherents of any non-Christian worldview, really) deny axiomatic theological propositions that are fundamental to Christianity. This is typically because of what I would call an anthropocentric ontology. So language isn’t ultimately an impediment to speaking about God because God designed humans with a language capacity to speak truthfully (though never exhaustively) about him. This would plug back into the 2 circle metaphysic of Frame/Van Til. Human language is a finite analogue to God’s infinite divine speech.

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