The Prophets and Apostles as Fitting Witnesses to the Word

“These emissaries [the prophets and apostle of Scripture] are uniquely qualified to fulfill the commission [of being divinely authorized spokesmen for God] by virtue of their unique access to God’s counsel (Jer. 23.18, 22) and by virtue of the unique anointing with the God’s Spirit (Isa. 61.1)… The prophets and apostles are thus fitted to bear the eternal Word of God, who ever lives at the Father’s side (access) and who comes forth into the world in the fullness of the Spirit’s power (anointing) to make the Father known (Jn.1.1,18; 3.34; cf. Isa. 55.10-11).”

– Scott R. Swain, Trinity, Revelation, and Reading: A Theological Introduction to the Bible and its Interpretation,  39


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