A Better Priest: Part 7 (Conclusion)

Closing. The Book of Leviticus has much in it for us to learn. There is a spiral of imaging going on between Christ’s atonement and the sacrifices presented in Leviticus. For example, Christ’s one-time sacrifice is patterned after the priestly regulations given to Aaron. Yet Hebrews makes clear the instructions that Moses and Aaron received were patterned after heavenly realities which existed independently and in fuller “realness.”

With these parallels we come to see the way of salvation has always been the same for God’s people in both the Old Covenant and the New. The Law was given as God’s gracious provision. When properly understood, according to Paul, it served as a Law of faith (Rom. 9:30-32). In both Exodus and Leviticus the Lord reminded the people of Israel of His mighty act of delivering them from Egypt, calling their attention to His supreme trustworthiness. His Law was given to curb sin, provide loving guidance, and introduce a means for fallen mankind to worship their holy God. God’s Law, when scene as a divine Doctor’s prescription, in not the impossible burden that many see it as today. Of course because of sin the simple requirement God requests, faith in an ultimately faithful God, is now rendered impossible in the flesh (Rom. 8:7-8).

Yet, the contrasts we’ve discussed demonstrate the New Covenant’s superiority to the Old. Christ fulfills and supercedes the Old Covenant in every way (Rom. 10:4). Through His once-for all perfect sacrifice Christ has succeeded where all others have failed.

The Lord’s Messiah has achieved the victory promised back in Eden in Genesis 3:15.


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