What’s I’ve been up to lately: Part 2 of 2

In the first part of this series (if it should even be called that) I filled you in on my work with Third Millennium Ministries and the first of 2 great benefits this project has had one me. The first benefit was encouragement: Third Mill is working hard to bless the universal church. This second great benefit I’ve experience working with Third Mill has been the reawakening of my love for New Testament study.  Let me explain a bit and then give the old tip-of-the-hat to some of the resources I’ve made use of in the course of writing for Third Mill.

After I began to get into serious study of theology a little over a decade ago all I would read was the New Testament (I was only a Christian for a few years at this point). Shortly I became the standard stereotype of the evangelical Protestant: All Paul, and not much else. Oh, I read the Gospels and the non-Pauline letters several times, but my steady diet of Pauline literature surpassed my reading of the others by a ratio of something like 4:1. not to mention the Old Testament. I read Genesis several times, most of Exodus, and other bits but largely had no concept of the overall unity in the plotline of the Old Testament, and the Bible as a whole. My love and passion for the Old Testament came during my first semester in seminary while sitting under the teaching of Richard Pratt (President of Third Mill). Pratt brought a unity to my understand of the Bible that I previously lacked and got me excited about rereading the Old Testament, as if for the first time.  Though I wasn’t a theological or biblical studies major in seminary (I was in college), I began to read more and more of the Old Testament, and works on the Old Testament. For nearly the next 5 years I’ve done little more than do research into Old Testament Theology.

Sure, I read the NT during this time, but my OT to NT reading diet had flipped: about 3:1 in favor of OT.

Well, in working on a lesson on the Gospels for Third Mill, my attention was pulled back to the NT. I’ve “reentered” the world of New Testament study, and having had my head in the ancient world of the Old Testament for a few years, I see the NT with new eyes. OT references and allusions make much more sense, in fact my reading is transformed.

Here are some of the works I’ve consulted in my study.


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