What I’ve Been Up to Lately: Part 1 of 2

Last year I began a project with Third Millennium Ministries. They’re working to create a New Testament Survey course and I’ve been doing some work on their lesson on the synoptic Gospels/Acts, as well as their lesson on John’s writings (his Gospel and epistles).  Other than merely collecting a paycheck, this project had done 2 things to me. I’ll mention the first in this post and follow it up in another.

First, it has made me appreciate the work of Third Mill that much more. Their goal is more than admirable; it is a testament to the love of Christ for his Church. Dr. Richard Pratt and the team at Third Mill are working tirelessly to develop a full seminary curriculum for the purpose of spreading free theological training to those who don’t have access to such resources. Listen to Dr. Gideon Umukoru from the Servant Leadership Institute speak of the need to develop theologically trained pastors in Nigeria.

As mentioned above, Third Mill makes all of their material available for free. They do this both in shipping their material abroad and posting all of their lessons online, and all for free. This ministries in nearly completely funded by donors who share their vision and see the importance of what they’re doing. Here’s Dr. Pratt on the goal of Third Mill:

Working along side the folks at Third Mill has encouraged me that their as many here in the western church who see God doing things outside of our sphere and clearly recognize that this is cause for rejoicing and not envy. Just as Paul collected an offering from the churches he served in order to bless and encourage the struggling Jerusalem church, Third Millennium ministries, and those who so graciously support them, are investing their time and treasure for the cause of Christian brotherhood, sharing from their abundance of resources with their dearly beloved family who do not.

May God continue to richly bless Third Mill and bring to completion the work he has started in them! Please consider prayerfully or financially supporting this wonderful ministry.

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