Spiritual Redemption and Social Concern

Listen carefully to how Chris Wright ties together both spiritual redemption and God’s social concern for Israel in their exodus from Egypt:

In the exodus God responded to all the dimensions of Israel’s need. God’s momentous act of redemption did not merely rescued Israel from political, economic and social oppression and then leave them to their own devices to worship whom they pleased. Nor did God merely offer them spiritual comfort of hope for some brighter future in a home beyond the sky while leaving their historical condition unchanged. No, the exodus affected real change in the people’s real historical situation and at the same time called them into a real new relationship with the living God. This was God’s total response to Israel’s total need

-Christopher J. H Wright, The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative, 271-272


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  1. I just finished James Smiths’ ‘Desiring the Kingdom,’ and he makes the point that true worship leads to taking care of the poor and oppressed. As I read the Wright quote I was reminded of that.

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