How the Gospel Challenges Us

Under the heading “The gospel is truth to be defended” Christopher Wright explains the threatening nature of the gospel to those who reject it.

Good news can also be bad news for those who’s vested interests are threatened by it. There is, therefore, a battle to be fought to make sure that the truth of the gospel is preserved, clarified and defended against denials, distortions and betrayals.

  • The fact of the gospel of Christ is for all people, and not just the privilege of one ethnic community, threatens those who stake their claim on belonging to the “right people”.
  • The fact that the gospel is utterly the gift of God’s grace offends those who take pride in their own achievements.
  • The fact that the gospel locates the glorious salvation of the living God in the person of one who’s lived in up security and died in excruciating shame is a laughingstock to those who want their salvation to come from a more reputable religious emporium.
  • The fact that the gospel summons people to repentance and they radically changed personal and social ethic riles those who want the benefits of the gospel but resist its demands.

So there is a polemical dimension to the gospel. The gospel confronts things that contradict it or people who deny or reject it. It exists in explicit contrast and conflict with other worldviews and ultimate commitments that people have. So to be a servant of the gospel necessarily involves costly struggle and spiritual battle (2 Cor. 10:4-5).

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