The Great (Abrahamic) Commission

As I flip through a book I read a few years ago, Salvation Belongs to Our God, I continue to see many points worth sharing. Here Christopher Wright draws the connection between God’s call to Abraham and Christ’s Great Commission to his disciples at the end of the Gospel of Matthew:

Matthew begins his Gospel affirming that Jesus (“Yahweh us salvation”) the Messiah was the son of Abraham. And he ends his Gospel with Jesus declaring the great mission mandate that would encompass all nations – just as God had promised Abraham. Jesus thus sends the church also under the authority of the Abrahamic mission. The words of Jesus to his disciples in Matthew 28:18 – 20, the so-called Great Commission, could be seen as a Christological development and renewal of the original Abrahamic commission. Just as God had said to Abraham, so now Christ tells his disciples, effectively, “God…and be a blessing…and all the nations on earth will be blessed through you.”

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  1. What a compelling connection!

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