Oh How Far the Apple has Fallen from the Tree

Frank Schaeffer (pictured left), (in)famous son of the evangelist/apologist Francis Schaeffer has written an article for the Huffinton Post that demonstrates clearly how far he has rejected the beliefs of his father. Schaeffer Sr. was a firm advocate of biblical reliability, authority, and inerrancy. Frank, on the other hand has sharply separated himself from the conservative theological and political affirmations of his respected father. The title of the article is “Maybe God Rejects the Bible.”

Frank Schaeffer argues that the “scariest” passage in the Bible is 2 Tim. 3:15 (a well-known and well-loved verse of Christians that embrace sola Scriptura and biblical inspiration). Why? Because, according to Schaeffer, it legitimizes so many “vile verse[s] reeking of barbarity.”

Schaeffer’s conclusion is telling:

“But where would that leave me?” they ask. “I’d be adrift in an ocean of uncertainty!” they say. Yes, and perhaps that’s the only honest place to be.

Maybe the actual God doesn’t like — or accept — “The God-Of-The-Bible” any more than rational and compassionate people do. I hope that’s true because if it’s not then it turns out that most people are a lot nicer than their “God,” which begs the question: Where did that niceness come from… if (that is) God created everything?

This is heart-breaking considering the theological pedigree from which Schaeffer comes from. Francis Schaeffer made it his life’s work to minister to those who were turned off to the Bible. He clarified its message and contrasted it with the despair of their generation. His goal was to teach the whole council of God, thus providing the proper framework in which the “problem” verses Schaeffer Jr. highlights are  both understood and properly interpreted. So, whether his would say so explicitly or not, Schaeffer Jr. is undermining the work to which his father devoted himself. One gets the impression that this hinges on something deeper and far more personal than a mere theological disagreement.

I still highly recommend the work of Francis Schaeffer. Here’s a great place to start in order to grasp his passion for truth and his heart for the lost (click on the link for more info):


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