Four Spokes of Worldview

From Doug Wilson:

A worldview is not just thoughts in your head, even if they are orthodox thoughts. A worldview consists of four major components—catechesis, narrative, symbols, and lifestyle.

  • Catechesis concerns how you answer the questions. Christian, what do you believe?
  • Narrative raises and answers the question, “Who are your people, and how did you get here?”
  • Symbols are the unspoken ways that we communicate who we are, and what our allegiances—baptism, cross necklaces, liturgies in worship, and so on.
  • Lifestyle has to do with the day-to-day stuff—eating habits, clothing, sexual mores, etc.

The first two elements of a worldview are propositional, and the last two are not.

(HT: Justin Taylor)

Hear Wilson yourself:


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