Future Rewards, part 7 (conclusion)

Error 6: Looking for an Easy Theology. The final reason many evangelicals neglect the doctrine of reward and loss of reward is rarely spoken. “It is [simply] much more comfortable to live with a theology that offers only blessings and no demands.”[1] We would like to think, somehow, that we can live like the world in this life, without facing loss in the next. Yet the reality that “right now counts for eternity” is not diminished for the Christian. As Bruce Waltke has said,

One of the problems I see with life is that you only get one shot at it. I wish there were a purgatory or a second chance, but if there were, it would make this life trivial. I don’t know why, but God has chosen history to be the acid test of reality, conferring an awful dignity upon mortals. Time, space, mass—somehow the reality of the person is validated in this sphere. What you do in history shows your real spiritual commitment.[2]

As Matthew demonstrated, the doctrine of rewards can help mobilize persecuted Christians to live as fully-devoted followers of Christ during their time on earth. Let us only hope it will mobilize affluent Christians, as well.

[1] Ibid., 435.

[2] Judges to Poets Class, January 2007.


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