Problems with Obamacare

In midst of the current fiasco with President Obama’s healthcare reform bill, back-rooms deals are being made so it
passes through; whatever the cost.  It is disheartening because
transparency was key in Obama’s candidacy. Below is the now infamous clips circulating online highlighting Obama (during the president campaign) promising that all processes would be aired on C-Span, on 8 different occasions.

Sadly, anyone who opposes the
bill is portrayed as denying the rights of
Americans to receive healthcare.  There a couple of problems with this view. First, healthcare is a good, not a
right. Second, the high prices of healthcare are because
of government regulations on the industry which cause prices to skyrocket.  Also the exemption of health insurance companies from
anti-trust laws kills competitive pricing on healthcare. Every
company now charges an arm and a leg (practically literally) for
insurance. (On a side note, when Rush Limbaugh went to a hospital in Hawaii
and paid cash he saved 30% on his bill.)  Government is the cause of
the price hikes, now government wants to provide the solution to the very problem it created!  Talk about the audacity of hope!

The private sector drives this country, not the government.  It also funds the government to
protect our civil liberties.

For more on the problems of government-run healthcare, see:

About galoran

Gerald serves on pastoral staff at First United Methodist Church of Geneseo, IL. He completed an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a B.S. from Nyack College (NYC campus). He is married to a wonderful woman and has a baby girl on the way.

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