12 Books that have Influenced Me

Here are some of the most influential books that I’ve read, if not for their content, then for the effect they had on me at the time when I read them (in no particular order).

1)Resurrection Hank Hanegraff: This was a pivotal book for me early on in my Christian walk. Hanegraaff employs (more or less) the standard evidential argument in favor of the historical, bodily resurection of Christ. This was the first book I read that showed that Christianity is rationally defensible.

2)The Gospel According to Jesus John MacArthur. Originally I read this work thinking I would disagree with it (I was a young and silly antinomian at the time) but was overwhelmed by the biblical force of MacArthur’s argument that receiving Christ as savior entails placing yourself under his lordship.

3) Doctrine of the Knowledge– John Frame. Other than the Bible, this is my favorite book. Frame develops a God-centered approach to epistemology (theory of knowledge). His clear writing style was welcoming, and his humility comes through on nearly every page. For an outline of the book, click here.

4) Apologetics to the Glory of God– John Frame. Here Frame develops a presuppositional apologetic with insights from DKG (above). Highly readable and very insightful. He defines the 3 tasks of apologetics of defense, offense, and proof.

5) The Potter’s Freedom James White. This work was the “nail in the coffin” for me reading my views on free will, God’s sovereignty, election, predestination, etc. White defends the Calvinist view of God’s work in salvation over against the modified arminianism of Norman Geisler in Chosen But Free.

6) Dominion and Dynasty Stephen Dempster. I love this book. In fact, apart from the works of Graeme Goldsworthy and the teaching of Richard Pratt, this book was the main work that sparked my love (and understanding) of the Old Testament.

7) Worldviews in Conflict Ronald Nash

8 ) The Pleasure of God– John Piper. My favorite book Piper’s written, and he’s written some fantastic books. He main thesis is that we become more like God when we take pleasure in the things he takes pleasure in. He then spends the rest of the book explaining what the Lord delights in, first in himself (the loving relationship among the members of the Trinity, his delight in all that he does, etc.), and second in his creation (prayer, justice, etc.)

9) Reckless Faith– John MacArthur. A great book for sharpening your discernment.

10) Looking at Philosophy– Donald Palmer. Palmer is fantastic at explaining philsophical concepts and the connections between schools of thought. Challenging and also pleasant.

11) The God Who is There Francis Schaffer

12) Connecting Larry Crabb


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