Cruel Logic

This is from writer-director Brian Godawa:

The point is clear. Materialists can talk the talk, but when the rubber meets the road, is their approach to ethics livable?

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  1. Haven’t seen anything like this before. Very straight and to the point. Will probably be hammered as cruel and heartless by those who hold to a more secular humanist logic, but that can only be determined by societal agreement on right and wrong and/or evolutionary development of right and wrong, again by agreement. In other words, majority rules.

    I think of Machen’s words when he spoke about the modern ideal. It sounded so much like what Star Trek envisions for the future of humanity that I could not help (DNA?) linking the two.

    “I suppose it is a world in which the human machine has arrived at the highest stage of efficiency. Disease, I suppose, may be abolished; and as for death, although we shall have not abolished it, we shall at least have abolished its terrors. Vague childish longings, prescientific speculations as to a hereafter, will all be gone; and we shall have learned, as reasonable and scientific men, to stand without a pang at the grave of those whom in a less scientific age we should have been childish enough to love” (The Gospel in the Modern World, p 17).

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