Should Theology be Taken Seriously? Part 1

In my last post Why Theology is Important I received a comment to which I thought responding publicly would be helpful. Below is the comment, followed by my response:
I was interested by the question, but unfortunately, I stopped reading when my eyes [landed] on “[…] the question of theology’s importance is that the Bible commands that we “do” theology”.
The bible commands you to all sorts of brutal, inhumane, immoral acts. Are you obliging? I’m pretty sure you’re not, which should be reassuring, I imagine.
To which I replied:

In short order (because Paul Copan addresses much of this issue so well), I’d direct your attention to his article, “Is Yahweh a Moral Monster?” published in Philosophia Christi, but also available online here.

I fear that behind your statements and question is a misleadingly synchronic reading of Scripture that doesn’t take into consideration the epochal changes in redemptive history that nearly all Christians take for granted when reading the Bible (whether they are able to articulate a sophisticated theory of these epochal changes or not).

No Christian reads the book of Joshua, for example, and believes that the more “controversial” commands of the book are literally normative for all time. No one. And it’s not an arbitrary “cutting up” of the Bible, but based on sound theological and hermeneutical principles.

Next, I’ll post the commentor’s reply, and my second response. (BTW, these can be found in the comments section of the post, Why Theology is Important)

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