Interview on Presuppositional Apologetics

On  Thursday, July 2nd, I’ll be discussing the topic of presuppositional apologetics on Trinity Talk with Uri and Jarrod.

Uri and I have known each other for several years now. We’ve worked together and attended seminary together. Now he’s a pastor, and i’m a professor. We have our theological disagreements, but we both love discussing them as iron sharpens iron.

In the interview we’ll be talking about something that’s view close to our hearts, a robust, powerful, and God-glorifying way of defending the faith. Here’s a sample of the kind of questions we’ll discuss:

a) What is apologetics?
b) What is presuppositional apologetics?
c) How does presuppositionalism differ with other apologetic positions?
d) How does a presuppositional apologetics answer charges from atheism

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  1. I love presuppositional apologetics, but I often fail to see the usefulness. I don’t have time to browse your other posts right now to see if you answer, so forgive me if you’ve already done so, but I’d like to just post this here. I continually get the feeling presuppositional apologetics is the best approach, becaus it just makes sense. The atheist or non-Christian has different presuppositions that prevent them from even considering Christianity. But at that point, I always feel like there’s no moving forward. Van Til talks about confronting them on every presupposition to move them to the right presupposition, but this seems a little implausible. How are we to change someone’s entire worldview before we talk to them about individual points?

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