2008: A Wonderful Year of God’s Faithfulness!

As we close out this year, I’d like to get a little personal and share with you the wonderful things God has done for me. I’ll go in order of event, not in order of significance.

1) Jan-May. While I was still in Florida, I was asked by my church to lead the adult Sunday School lessons. Here I developed 2 classes, one of Biblical and Social Ethics, and the other was called Commending the Faith. The latter was a mix of evangelism and apologetics.

2) May. I got my driver’s license. Yes, yes, I know. But, what can I say? I’m a New York City native, and public transportation works jussssst fine. Anyway, now I can drive…legally. 🙂

3) June 15. In an amazing turn of event, some crazy chick decides to marry me! Jessica Leigh Siefert became Jessica Leigh Torres on this day, and has reflected the Lord’s love to me ever since.

4) July 8. I was asked to contribute to an upcoming work in honor of one of my seminary professors. It’s to be released fall 2009. Unfortunately, I can’t say much more, but needless to say, I’m working on the project as we speak.

5) August. My new wife and I moved back to New York City (from Florida), and got a lovely apartment not to far from my parents. It’s always good to be close to family.

6) Sept-Oct. I began my academic career in the Fall semester at Nyack College, Manhattan campus, as I lead a 7 week, 6 hours a lesson, course in Bible Doctrines. We covered the topics of salvation, Christology, atonement, the Church, the Holy Spirit, and eschatology, (the last things).

7) Nov 22. My best friend, and brother, David, was married to a lovely young lady, and I was honored to be his best man.

8 ) Dec. 20. After a year or whining and crying (so to speak), I finally deciding to treat both myself and my wife to something we’ve wanted for a while. We went ahead and bought a fawn pug puppy. And yes, for those of you that remember my blog post, Song, Pugs, and the Nature of True Worship, I did name him Cornelius Van Til. He’s actually right by my side as I write this.

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow!


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  1. Congrats, Joe. I’m really happy for you. Life is good!

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