The Gospel of Christmas (4/4)

Lastly, the fourth point:

4) In the Gospel of Christmas, God ushers in the great year of Jubilee.

The Old Testament describes the year of jubilee as the year of freedom and release from all slavery and captivity (Lev. 25, 27). Matthew’s ordering of Christ’s genealogy is in terms of jubilee years. In a nutshell, what he’s saying is that in the birth and arrival of Christ, God is now bringing His people back from exile, and back from the slavery to sin that ultimate lead them to suffer God’s righteous judgment in the first place.

Christ is God’s victory over the fallen condition of His creation. He who the Son sets free is free indeed. Have you been freed by God’s anointed? Have you experience the transforming power of the Christmas gospel? I have, and its implications, for lack of a better term, smack me in the face everyday. Thank God that I am not the King of Kings! Thank God that we do not have the responsibility of being that Lord and master of our little worlds. When we act as such, we fail. And such failure is what prompted God to display the riches of His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Thanks be to God, and Merry Christmas from Kingdomview!


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  1. I am an apologist from India and this is my first opportunity to visit your website, which I enjoyed very much. Those in the field of apologetics need to do much to bring the doubting Thomases to faith and also to strengthen those who wish to get answers.

    I wish to see more apologetics articles from your pen !!

    Dr. Johnson C. Philip

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