Picks of the Year

Here are my favorite books released this year (thus far). I’ve tried to pick a representative sampling on different topics. Oh, and the numbers don’t represent any favoring amongst these titles. Click the pictures for more info.

1. The Reason for God by Tim Keller. A great read, and chock-full of great 1-2 sentences summaries of Christian truths. What’s especially helpful is the model that Keller provides in aiding Christians to speak to non-Christians in a way that is winsome, respectful, and informed.

2. An Old Testament Theology by Bruce Waltke. I’m about halfway through with this monster, and it seems like there’s no end to what Waltke knows on this topic. His literary analysis is often very insightful and frequently pastoral. My only complaint is that I’m just about halfway thorough with the book, and I’m still in Deuteronomy.

3. Transforming Worldviews by Paul Hiebert. I haven’t read more than the introduction to this work, but it looks pretty interesting, since it seeks to flesh out (sociologically and anthropologically) what happens when people experience paradigmatic worldview shifts.

4. Culture Making by Andy Crouch. This book brings the discussion of Christ and Culture to a whole new level. Crouch introduces both new terminology and a new ways of looking at things on the subject. Personally, I found the first and third sections of the book most helpful (because it covered material I knew about the least). In fact, many of his words served as a stern rebuke to some of my thinking. Others will probably find the second section (his biblical theology of culture) challenging and stimulating. Great Job Andy!

5. The Doctrine of the Christian Life by John Frame. I actually took the course that this work is an expansion of back in 2006. Dr. Frame was great then, but in writing he’s free to develop a number of themes at much greater length. Here he lays out a bible ethic, contrasts it with non-Christian views, and then unpacks further his views under the rubric of the 10 commandments. I restarted this work last monday, and I’m currently (8 days later) up to page 600 (yeah, it’s that reader-friendly).


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