Quick Testimony

This past Saturday marked the 2 lesson I’ve taught in my ‘Bible Doctrines’ class at Nyack College, NYC campus. It’s been incredibly encouraging to see how many of the students are participating and positively interacting with the material. As I shared with them, though the course is normally taught in the standard systematic theology (ST) approach (taking themes such as God, Christ, mankind, sin, salvation, atonement, etc) and showing what the whole Bible says about them, I’m attempting to integrate the ST approach with a redemptive-historical approach (as known as the biblical-theological method, BT for short). The BT is especially helpful is tracing various Old Testament themes and showing their fulfillment in Christ, thus giving us a fuller, more robust Christology (i.e. doctrine of the person and work of Christ).

In the first lesson, on the doctrine of salvation, I started by noting that we were going to look at the theme of salvation in Scripture with a wide angle lens. Instead of defining salvation individualistically, we were going to look at salvation as the story that the Bible tells. The Bible is the inspired history of God’s deliverance of His people (and it’s an exciting story!). The second lesson was the first of 2 lessons on the doctrine of Christ. We focused on 4 OT themes that set the backdrop for the NT understanding of Christ (the promised see of the woman in Gen. 3:15, the theme of the greater son of David, the Suffering Servant of the Lord, and the Son of Man). Closing up class, we discussed the humanity of Christ, and why it was necessary for Him to become a true human being in order to redeem us.

I’m looking forward to this Saturday when we delve into the deity of Christ, and His offices as prophet, priest, and king.


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