Interview with Vern Poythress on Biblical Theology


Just today, Beginnningwithmoses has posted an interview with Vern Poythress on the theme of finding Christ in the Old Testament. Here’s the link.

*Update: Beginningwithmoses has just posted the second part of their interview with Poythress here.

Also, by Dr. Poythress is the lead article for the upcoming ESV Study Bible (released on Oct. 15) titled, Overview of the Bible: A Survey of the History of Salvation.

Here’s a sample from the article (a helpful definition of a type)

A “type,” in the language of theology, is a special example, symbol, or picture that God designed beforehand, and  that he placed in history at an earlier point in time in order to  point forward to a later, larger fulfillment.


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  1. Jesus is a great prophet, like Abraham, like David, like Moses, like Adam.. All the prophets are lights and a guide to find the God, and the path that leads to Heaven. Neither Jesus is above Abraham, nor Abraham is above Jesus, and if then only God knows. Jesus is not the son of God, neither he is the God. He is just a servant of God, and a messenger, a prophet like Moses. Every prophet had unique attributes, given by God. As God wish he does. Jesus didn’t get the miracle of talking to God like Moses got. And Moses didn’t got the miracle of birth without a father like Jesus got. Adam did’not got Torah or Bible, but a miracle of birth without any parents. Jesus was not as beautiful as Joseph was, that was a miracle given to Joseph only. so Christians, you are just making fool of yourselves.. as Bible has been totally changed by evil people with time. God says in the Holy Koran.. Tell them to wait, indeed, we too are waiting.

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