Common Grace and Whole Foods

The other day I was at Whole Foods with my mother-in-law. We were in the Columbus Circle area of Manhattan and dropped into the market to pick a few things up. I was actually quite impressed by the set-up and arrangement of all the products. Natural this, and all-natural that filled aisle after aisle. When we came to the medicine aisle I was most impressed with the number of holistic treatments for just about everything.

Now, one thing i’ve noticed from walked around at least a couple of Whole Foods stores is their commitment to be ‘green.’ But you’ll also notice little things here and there that hint to some level of commitment to some form of pantheism. Things that imply that we and the world are one, etc.  In fact, as I walked onto an aisle that displayed cassettes, DVDS, and CDs, the one repeated theme was your inner power, inner potential, etc. You know, The Secret (i.e. the ‘law’ of attraction) type stuff. Very Eastern influenced to say the least. Then this popped to mind.

This store is just one more concrete example of God’s good common grace. Though much of the underlying philosophy is non-Christian, and in fact pagan, God can even use this for the benefits of humanity. While so many doctors and chemists are creating ‘non holistic’ medicines (and praise God for that stuff too!) this other group of people, the ‘Whole Foodisy’ people, have wrestled with the task of developing organic, natural remedies and medicines that are healthier for the body in the long run (or so I continue to hear from my mother-in-law). But the impetus that got this project going seems to be a commitment to a branch of paganism (or animism).

As the old saying goes, ‘God can draw a straight line with a crooked ruler.’


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