According to Pattern: Noah (Part 1)

In the last According to Pattern post (on Joseph, part 1 and 2), we took a look at how Joseph served as a type, or historical pre-figuring, shadow, and pattern of Christ who was to come. Here now, we’ll took a quick look at Noah.

Noah is (at his place in salvation history) the ‘seed of the woman.’ In fact, his father, Lamech, ponders whether he will be the one to deliver the creation from the curse (Gen. 5:28-29). (Note that even this early in Scripture we find the connection between the curse of the ground, found in Gen. 3:17-19, with a promised deliverer who will grant release from this ‘bondage.’ cf. Rom. 8:20-21)

The name ‘Noah’ is derived from the Hebrew word for ‘rest.’ 

Noah is a type of new Adam, this we can see in God’s recommisioning him with the original mandate given in the garden to ‘be fruitful and multiply” (Gen. 9:1).

Noah is preserved in order to provide blessing through judgment (cf. the entire flood narrative).

For more on the typological significance of Noah, see Meredith Kline’s Kingdom Prologue


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