In a resent post on Intelligent Design, I discussed the views of Stephen Jay Gould on Punctuated Equilibrium. It was brought to my attention that my representation of Gould’s views was “off base” at the least. After reading up further on Gould’s views (in an ID textbook, no less!) it was confirmed that I indeed misrepresented Gould. In the interest of glorifying the God of truth, I have pulled the comments on Gould completely from the original post.


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  1. Well done old chap.

    However to few suggestions for the old personal integrity meter when having dropped a clanger like this;

    * Ask yourself about the source of the original information which you now know to be false.

    * Leave the original text on show but enclose the text to be removed in square brackets with a comment together with your findings from my first suggestion.

    * Wonder if any other information from the same sources might be suspect.

    * Look at your argument which you supported by false evidence and wonder if you are doing the “science thing” correctly at all i.e. evidence leads to conclusion, if evidence is false then conclusion can not be drawn.

    – – –

    Perhaps you should call it a day on your Berlinski issue as well?

    – – –



    PS – I had thought you were interested in discussing the issues to get a little nearer the truth, not just trying to score points for your afterlife. Perhaps I was just naive.

  2. Thank you on your suggestions on how to edit my blog, but I assure you, I have it completely under control. 🙂

    Apart from your editing suggestions, the other comments have been duly taken into consideration (rechecking sources, etc.)

    Also, to deny that Berlinski is a ID sympathizer is to betray an ignorance of just how tied into it’s promotion he is. Either that or you’re not familiar with the meaning of the word sympathizer (perhaps you read into it a stronger connotation of allegiance than I do). On nearly every DVD promoting ID (such as the DVD version of David Wells Icons of Evolution and Expelled, to name two), he’s a prominent figure, as well as being closely aligned to the Discovery Institute (a major ID headquarters). Simply reading a quote from Wikipedia doesn’t tell the whole story (which is why I recommended a Google search on his in the original post).

    Your last PS simply doesn’t make sense to me. I was under the impression that you wanted me to post a retraction in order to safeguard the issue of truth in this discussion. How posting the very retraction you requested garners such snide sarcasm on your part boggles me (if the retraction isn’t done your way, then it’s not a retraction at all, maybe that’s the way you see it), and further leads me to believe that this is just a game to you.

    Again, thank you for your comments, but I will no longer continue this discussion.

  3. Now, now don’t put words in my mouth like you did with Gould.

    I have simply quoted Wikipedia re Berlinski.

    “Berslinski shares the movement’s disbelief in the evidence for evolution, but does not openly avow intelligent design and describes his relationship with the idea as: “warm but distant. It’s the same attitude that I display in public toward my ex-wives.””




    PS Yorkshire honesty takes some getting used to, I do understand, but please don’t mistake it for sarcasm.


    Oh, I forgot that you now have your fingers in your ears and are saying “la la la la” – so let’s just pretend this discussion doesn’t exist anyway.

  4. If you don’t have Gould’s enormous book on evolution theory available to you, his chapter on punctuated equilibria is available at Google Books. You may want to read it from Gould himself.,M1

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