My Summer Reading List (thus far)

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been hitting the books pretty hard. Mostly this has been done in preparation for an upcoming class i’ll be teaching in the fall semester on systematic theology. Of course, I also a few random titles that seemed to get my attention sitting on my shelves (you know how it is). I’m currently learning the hard way that certain passions (like this blog) have to take a back seat when other things arise (like professorial duties). I’ve been having to revisit old topics in prep for the class, while realizing that blog posts are going to be made less frequently (at least till I feel up to speed). Well, this is what I’ve been up do:

  • Books I’ve finished:

1) The Servant King- Alexander
2) Love and Respect- Eggerichs (I’m getting married in 2 days)
3) The Church– Clowney
4) Rethinking Worldview– Bertrand
5) Biblical Economics Manifesto- Gillis and Nash
6) The Millennial Maze- Grenz
7) The Irrational Atheist- Day
8 ) Salvation Belongs to the Lord– Frame

  • What i’m reading now:

1) Knowing the Holy Spirit Through the Old Testament– Wright
2) Christ and Culture Revisited– Carson

  • What I plan to read for the remainder of the summer

1) The Holy Spirit– Ferguson
2) Salvation Belongs to our God– Wright
3) Selections from:


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  1. oops

    Shermer is good

  2. Joe buddy, sneak in a Dostoevsky 😉

  3. psiloiordinary

    Well, if we can make recommendations then;

    Anything by Dawkins apart from god delusion, his science stuff if far more interesting. Next anything at all by Sagan although Cosmos or demon haunted world stand out with varieties of scientific experience running close behind. Shermers “why people believe weird things” is a classic. “your inner fish” by Shubin is a real eye opener.

    For fiction then of course anything by Dickens but try Patrick O’Brian for even more insight into being human; the Aubrey Maturin books have to be close to perfection for a taste of what it is to be human.

    On a lighter note try Pratchett, you will either love him or wonder why he sells, in case of the later then I will never talk to you again 😉

  4. Psi I’d agree with you, Dawkins has garnered a bad rap for his most recent book, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from reading what his entire career and lifes work has really been devoted too. Biological evolution, and ecology (Assuming they want to read about that – not everyone is equally fascinated as I was reading his elucidated explanations of Sonar in Bats, kin selection in bees, boarder line ESP in platypuses, etc).

    I was only giving a mock recommendation, b/c Joe always told me he doesn’t read fiction, and I always rambled on about how captivating Dostoevsky is!

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