A Secularist ID Proponent?

David BerlinskiEarlier today, I was called a liar because I claimed in my last post that there are secularists that are proponents of Intelligent Design (and, may I add, opponents of Darwinism), or Design Theory. Now, why didn’t this person simply ask me for a name of a secularist ID proponent instead of cursing and calling me a liar, I don’t know. But in short, here is my example, David Berlinski. (The wiki link I’ve tagged here obviously lists Berlinski as a “secular Jew,” but, by all means, do a google search for yourself). He also explains a bit of his background in his newest book, The Devil’s Delusion.


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  1. Thanks for this link which seems to contradict your claims as follows;

    “Berslinski shares the movement’s disbelief in the evidence for evolution, but does not openly avow intelligent design and describes his relationship with the idea as: “warm but distant. It’s the same attitude that I display in public toward my ex-wives.”[2]”

    D you have anymore? Perhaps wiki is wrong?

    Perhaps you might apologise?



    PS – you need to try a little harder than this – you really aren’t putting up much of a show for your faith are you?

  2. It is not clear from this post – and I have just been looking around your blog to no avail. Who called you a liar and in what circumstances?



  3. Oh, I wasn’t ever referring to you. The comment in question was deleted because of it’s profanity.

  4. That’s interesting. That statement was not there when I linked to the wiki page. So, perhaps I should restate my position: Berlinski is not a proponent of ID (granted that the quote that you provided is genuine…which I trust it is), but rather is a secularist ID “sympathizer.”

    I think stating it that way properly takes into consideration what you’ve found.

  5. I don’t think many people would describe their attitude to their ex-wives as that of “sympathisers”.

    Is this the some total of your evidence for secular ID proponents?

    If so perhaps you can do the decent thing and just refer to ID?Creationism from now on?



  6. Berlinski was brilliant on some issues. On intelligent design he’s been a dissembler, and a provocateur. He’s produced nothing of value on the issue himself. His role is to avoid going to church and claim to support ID.

    Is that really the best ID can do to claim it lacks a religious bias, to exhibit a non-believing prevaricator?

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