Obama for Infanticide?

Normally I avoid writing pieces here that speak to political issues (at least in the sense in which we normally use the word “political”). But, as of late, an interesting and alarming discussion has been taking place on the blogsophere on Barack Obama’s opposition to the Infant Born Alive Act. This act would prohibit doctors from killing babies who survive abortion attempts. Of course, there’s a lot more to this issue than I can write on this short entry. Instead I’d like to provide some sources where the reader can track this vital discussion.

Infanticide, Yes we can!

The Elephant in the Room: a Harsh Ideologue Hidden by a Feel-Good Image

An Open Letter to Senator Obama

Obama’s Opposition to the Infant Born Alive Act-Documentation

Recovering from Fetus Fatigue

Top 10 reasons Barack Obama voted against Born Alive Infant Protection Act

Why Pro-Life Presidents Matter


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