Faith and Reason: Is There a Sharp Divide? (Introduction)

Introductory marks for the upcoming series.
The following series is a look at the relationship between faith and reason and how their relation has been perceived throughout the history of philosophy. One thing you may notice is that people and schools of thought covered here are also covered elsewhere. Where this is the case, I’ll link to the other discussions. But what’s different here is that this series puts these thinkers and schools of thought [more] in their proper historical context. Once you understand what issues where driving their thought it can often aid in understanding why they believed the things they did.

This is a very general overview, so please don’t hold us to the standards of rigor that you’d find a published textbook. That being said, knowing major thinkers and how what they got either right or wrong aids in developing a sharper apologetic edge when speaking to unbelievers. Also, knowing the history of philosophy opens our eyes to seeing that so much of the weird, dangerous, and “latest” trends in unbelieving thought are more often that not old ways of thinking in new clothes.

For those of you who are interesting in beginning a study in philosopher, I pray that this series will both inform and edify you. The best intro to the history of western philosophy is Looking at Philosophy: The Unbearable Heaviness of Philosophy made Lighter, by Donald Palmer. His analysis and explanations are both clear an insightful, and his cartoons are funny and geared towards maintaining interest.

In closing, this series absolutely would not be possible without the assistance of my brother, David. Most of what you’ll find was originally written by him as an outline for a presentation that he once gave on this subject. Being that the original was in bullet-point format, I’ve expanded it and added brief explanations. Thus, this is a team effort.


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  1. I’m looking forward to your series and I’m NOT your mami! lol

    Bring it!

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