According to Pattern: Joseph

Have you ever noticed just how much the story of Jacob’s son, Joseph, is a type (i.e. a historical prefiguring and pattern) of Jesus? Actually, it’s pretty amazing. Let’s take a quick run through to see the ways in which the life and story of Joseph sets a pattern for a servant of God that Jesus fulfills.

First, let’s refamiliarize ourselves with the story of Joseph.

  • Joseph is the son of Jacob (Israel), and the ‘seed’ of Abraham (Gen. 37:2).
  • Joseph is given preeminence above his brothers by his father, and treated as his firstborn (Gen. 37:3).
  • Joseph is persecuted by his brethren and is taken into “exile” (Gen. 37:18-36).
  • Joseph is falsely accused and is silent when reviled (Gen. 39:6-20).
  • Joseph is a servant and later is exalted (Gen. 39:1-6, 41:37-45).
  • Joseph becomes a source of life, not only for the people of Israel, but also for the surrounding pagan nations (Gen. 41:56-57, 42:1-3, 50:15-21).

Next we’ll look at how in Jesus the full theological freight of Joseph’s story is unfolded in Israel’s Messiah…


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