The Problem of Evil (Part 8, Conclusion)

Jesus in desert

We have spent the last entries taking a cursory look at the Problem of Evil. I have made what I feel were the necessary distinctions in order to approach the issue in a more precise manner. The warning was made that in addressing these various forms of the PE, we ought never to think we have removed all the mystery, and indeed terror, of the misery and suffering that people endure everyday in this broken world. Exhaustive answers as to why God has deemed it proper to allow sin and evil into His good creation are not forthcoming. Also, while I have denied the possibility of fully explaining God’s ways, I have defended the belief that the PE, in the multiple variations in which it appears, does not invalidate the rationality of Christian belief in God. In the process of defending this claim, we’ve looked at a handful of forms of the PE and found them wanting.

Lastly, we’ve turned the tables on the detractors of Christianity, and defended the notion that evil is actually indirect evidence for the God of Scripture. The dilemma of evil is addressed on every page of Scripture. Redemption itself is about the manner and process through which God delivers His creation from the misery brought about by the entrance of sin and evil into His good work. God does not address the “problem” in the way we would expect, and more often than not, our questions about particular occurrences of evil are left unanswered. But God has demonstrated His character in Scripture and calls us to trust him through the pain.


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  1. thank you for your insight onthe problem of Evil. I very much enjoyed reading it. God bless

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