New and Unimproved: The “Rationality” of the New Atheism

Here’s a great parody of the rhetoric of the “new atheists” Richard Darwins and Sam Harris. The point made here ties in nicely with a point made in my entry A Little Atheism is Good for the Soul (Part 2). If atheists want to say Christianity is false because of the crimes committed in the name of Christianity, Christians can play that game too.

Salvo magazine online has a great article on the New Atheism. Click here to check it out. The conclusion?

While the New Atheist “rails against God, denying us any transcendent point of reference,” explains Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias, “he fully embraces God’s life-defining prerogatives.” It is what Wilson calls “sentimental” atheism. And it doesn’t sound at all like the death of God as pronounced by atheists of days gone by; it sounds rather more like the kids sending God out on a Caribbean cruise and having a party at his house while he’s gone. In other words, the New Atheists want to have their cake and eat it, too.


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