Apologetics Book Recommendations

For the past several years, in one venue or another, I’ve had people ask me for recommendations on apologetics books. I thought I’d post a list that some might find helpful. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a solid start. If you have any additional recommendations, please share!

1. Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith– Greg Bahnsen

2. Apologetics to the Glory of God– John M. Frame

3. Why I Still Believe– Joe Boot

4. Every Thought Captive– Richard L. Pratt

5. New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics– Edited by Gavin McGrath and W. C. Campbell-Jack

6. Van Til’s Apologetic– Greg Bahnsen

7. Pushing the Antithesis– Gary DeMar

8. Revelation and Reason- Edited by K. Scott Oliphint and Lane G. Tipton

9. The New Testament Documents: Are they Reliable?– F. F. Bruce


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  1. I’ve always enjoyed reading F. F. Bruce. Awesome author!

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