A Great New Resource for Apologetics

41UqOpvl7HL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I just picked up this new work on a Reformed approach to apologetics, Revelation and Reason, and it looks wonderful! I’m currently finishing up Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, but when I’m done, i’m jumping right into this one!

Table of Contents:

Introduction. K. Scott Oliphint and Lane G. Tipton

(1) Reformed Apologetics: Exegetical Considerations
(a) Some Epistemological Reflections on I Cor. 2:6-13. Richard B. Gaffin
(b) Resurrection, Proof, and Presuppositionalism: Acts 17:30-31. Lane G. Tipton
(c) The Irrationality of Unbelief: An Exegetical Study. K. Scott Oliphint
(d) The Case for Calvinistic Hermeneutics. Moises Silva
(e) Paul’s Christological Interpretation of Creation and Presuppositional Apologetics. Lane G. Tipton

(2) Reformed Apologetics: Theological Foundations
(a) Divine Aseity and Apologetics. John M. Frame
(b) Consistently Reformed: The Inheritance and Legacy of Van Til’s Apologetic. Michael S. Horton
(c) A Confessional Apologetic. Thom Notaro
(d) Theologia Naturalis: A Reformed Tradition. Jeffrey K. Jue
(e) The Eschatological Implications of Genesis 2:15 for Apologetics. Bill Dennison

(3) Reformed Apologetics: Methodological Implications
(a) The Old New Reformed Epistemology. K. Scott Oliphint
(b) The Fate of Apologetics in an Age of Normal Nihilism. Michael Payne
(c) Turn! Turn! Turn! Reformed Apologetics and the Cultural Dimension. William Edgar
(d) Van Til and Transcendental Argument. Don Collett

Cornelius Van Til and the Reformation of Christian Apologetics. K. Scott Oliphint

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