Book Recommendations on the Unity of Scripture

1) God’s Big Picture: Like both According to Plan and Gospel and Kingdom, this work identifies the unifying theme of the scripture as the Kingdom of God, and functions as a wonderful overview of the entire Bible.

 2) According to Plan: Also identifies the uniting theme of scripture as the Kingdom of God. Also serves as a helpful introduction to hermeneutics (the field of Christian studies that asks, “How do we properly interpret the Bible?”), and Christian epistemology (the field of Christian studies that asks, “How do we know what we know, and how do we know it’s true?” )

3) As Far as the Curse is Found: This book is a retelling of the Biblical story from the point of view of covenant. God has created the world and after the entrance of sin has bound Himself to redeem it “as far as the curse is found.”

4)Gospel and Kingdom: This book no longer is available individually in the U.S. It’s now packaged with Gospel and Wisdom and Gospel and Revelation in the Goldsworthy Trilogy. I absolutely love this book. Easy reading, but never childish. Simple, but not simplistic. Says Goldsworthy, “God acts not in a fragmentary, capricious or unrelated way, but in a single purposeful span of history. The Bible is not a deposit of abstract ideas or even of formulated doctrines, but a marvelous unity of salvation-history.” (pg. 35)


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