Prologue to Apologetics 1-3, Summary

Now, let’s review what we’ve discussed in the last three posts. First, I covered the meaning, goal, and tactics of apologetics. Second, we talked about the grand story that apologetics seeks to present and defend. And lastly, we sketched out who are the recipients of apologetics. For easier processing, I’ll break it down like this:

I) Post 1: What is Apologetics?

a) Meaning– The rational presentation and defense of the Christian faith
b) Goal– Faith in God, according to the His revelation given in Scripture
c) TacticsPositive: The presentation of reasons why someone should believe the message of the Bible; Negative: The removal of obstacles to faith, such as objections.

II) Post 2: The Big Picture

a) Creation– God is the triune creator of all things, and all things get their ultimate meaning from Him. Humans were created as God’s image to reign over creation.
b) Fall– Adam and Eve rebelled from their duties and God’s loyal children, and as a result a curse was placed on both humanity (physical and spiritual death and decay), and the created order (turning creation against us)
c) Redemption– God, in His mercy, did not abandon His creation, but decided to redeem it through the “seed of the woman” promised in Gen. 3:15. Ultimately this seed is Jesus Christ, whose life, death, resurrection, and ascension have defeated the forces of darkness and guaranteed the final destruction of all evil.

III) Post 3: The Recipients of Apologetics

a) Mankind is created as the image of God. This means that we has been given the privilege of dominion and dynasty over the earth, as God’s royal vice-regents
b) Mankind is a distorted image. Because of our ethical hostility to God, we twist God’s truth and suppress it in a multitude of ways that ultimately aim to squeeze God out of our lives.


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